In today’s day and age, there is nothing we carry with us more than our cell phones. No matter where we go, our cell phones are attached to our hips, so we can enjoy the luxury of quick communication, endless information, and a camera to capture life’s greatest moments. That being said, when it comes to getting a new cell phone, not only does it feel like Christmas morning, but there is a lot of thought that goes into which cell phone to get and which one best suits your needs. These days, there are so many options when it comes to choosing a cell phone. For instance, do you want a prepaid or pay-as-you-go phone? Do you want to upgrade to the unlimited talk, text, data and 8GB free hot spot plan or do you just need your phone for emergency phone calls? What accessories are available for each type of phone or are you hesitant to cover up your new phone’s sleek design? While the list goes on — this bring us to the question, “Do you really need a phone case?” In today’s blog, we share the top three benefits of getting a phone case for your cell phone to help you make your decision.

Extend The Life Of Your Phone

If you’re in public, look around. How many people have their cell phone in their hand right now? As mentioned above, as a society, our cell phones are always on us, whether they are in our back pockets or in the palms of our hands, which means the chances of our phones taking a tumble onto the hard ground below is pretty high — and most likely happens often. So what does that mean for your phone life? It means that if it is not protected by a durable, shock-absorbing phone case, you may be speaking to our Hagerstown phone repair experts more than you’d like.

How A Phone Case Extends The Life Of Your Phone:

  • A phone case protects your phone’s screen from cracking.
  • A phone case protects the technology inside of your phone from breaking.
  • A phone case protects your phone from daily wear and tear.

Don’t risk it! Avoid the costs of having to repair or replace your phone with a protective cell phone case.


Our phones are our most worn accessory, so why not make it our own? A great perk about phone cases is that there is such a wide selection of phone cases with different designs, styles, colors, features, etc., that they can truly represent your style.

Benefits of Personalizing Your Cell Phone Case

  • Never compromise for a phone you don’t love — easily make your phone your own with a phone case true to your style.
  • Never mix up your phone with a friend’s — easily tell your phone apart from alike phones.
  • Never get bored with the look of your phone — easily swap cases for a new look.

Whether you have minimalist taste and prefer a simple black phone case, or you are more bold and prefer a spirited design, express yourself with your phone case!  


We bring our phones everywhere with us, which means our cell phones need to fit in with our lifestyles. Luckily, as technology continues to advance, so does the functionality of cell phone cases, which not only makes our lives easier, but also makes bringing our cell phones everywhere we go even more desirable.

What features of a phone case offer functionality?

  • Wallet or Cardholder: Are you tired of bringing a purse everywhere you go? Simplify your life with a wallet phone case or a case that features card slots, so you can keep all of your most prized possessions in one spot.
  • Kickstand: Watch your favorite shows or video chat hands-free with a kickstand!
  • Waterproof: Capture photos of all of your adventures, without worrying about your phone getting water damage.
  • And MORE

When it comes to cell phone case features, the possibilities are endless. With all of the different cell phone cases available, we are sure you will find one that complements your lifestyle and meet your needs.

While we understand you may not want to cover up the new phone you’ve been Googling and admiring for days, it may be well worth it to protect your new prized possession with a high-quality case, rather than having to replace or repair it in the inevitable event your cell phone takes a plunge into the ground. As added bonuses, phone cases allow you to express yourself and your style through unlimited colors, designs, and features that can also enhance your phone’s functionality and make your life easier.

Are you looking for a new cell phone case? Shop the latest, high-quality phone cases at our Hagerstown mobile store! We look forward to helping you protect and enhance your mobile phone!