1. What To Do When Your Cell Phone Gets Wet

    Plop. There it goes. It was almost like a slow motion scene from a scary film where you had to sit there and watch and could do nothing about the horror that was about to take place. Your phone slipped out of your hand just as you were reaching for the camera button. It started careening toward the …Read More

  2. Maintenance Tips For Your Tablet

    Buying and owning a tablet is quite the investment. Your handy little handheld device is designed to make your life more convenient. Whether you’re using your tablet to play your favorite online games, browse the internet and social media, or you are actually using it for its original intended pur…Read More

  3. Tips To Preserve Your Cell Phone’s Battery Life

    By now, you’ve surely heard it all. “Don’t leave your cell phone charging overnight.” “Leave your phone plugged in for eight hours at a time.” “Don’t charge your phone in short bursts.” And the list goes on. Of all the cell phone battery preservation tips and tricks, how do you kno…Read More

  4. Finding A Mobile Plan For The Whole Family

    The modern family is much different than our previous generations. Just take a quick glance around the living room, for instance. You have a phone. Your spouse has a phone. Each of your kids has a phone. Heck, just about everyone but the dog has a phone. And chances are, they aren’t farther than t…Read More

  5. Why Prepaid Phones Just Make Sense

    Cell phone companies, are we right? They drain your bank account. They lock you into constricting contracts. They hassle you and razzle you to upgrade. They change their terms and services to make it impossible to know what it is you’re even paying for. It’s enough, already! It’s time for a mo…Read More

  6. Prepaid vs. Contract Cell Phone Plans

    The debate has raged on for decades at this point. Are prepaid phones worth it? Or is the status quo of contract plans still the way to go? The facts of the debate just might surprise you, actually. When it comes to the prepaid vs. contract cell phone plan debate, Jay Reece Prepaid is firmly on the …Read More

  7. Most Common Cell Phone Repairs

    Is your cell phone screen busted...again? Does your battery not seem to be charging or connecting correctly? Is your camera taking blurry, grainy, or unidentifiable photos? Well, join the club. These types of incidents are among the most common phone repairs that we see on a regular basis at Jay Ree…Read More

  8. Welcome To Jay Reece Prepaid

    Hey you. Yeah, you. Take a quick look at your phone. What kind of condition is it in? Did you drop it and crack the screen? Or is it in good condition, but you’re just overpaying for your cell services and feel like a prisoner of your contract? These are common conditions known as “Big Cell Phon…Read More