Is your cell phone screen busted…again?

Does your battery not seem to be charging or connecting correctly? Is your camera taking blurry, grainy, or unidentifiable photos?

Well, join the club. These types of incidents are among the most common phone repairs that we see on a regular basis at Jay Reece Prepaid. Our Boost Mobile authorized store does a whole lot more than just offer the best prepaid phones in town, though — we are also fully capable of providing the best, fastest, and most reliable mobile phone repair in Hagerstown.

Our repair technicians are highly skilled and certified — each one has earned their WildPCS Technician Certification — with experience in fixing a wide range of issues on an even wider range of devices.

We have superior product knowledge, unmatched attention to detail, and most of all an eye for customer service at every turn. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common phone repairs (all of which we can handle) and bring your busted phone to Jay Reece Prepaid today for Hagerstown phone repair you can count on.

Cracked Screen

Argh! You’ve dropped your phone again, and now your thumb has to navigate cracked and broken glass with every swipe. This is one of the biggest annoyances, as well as the most common side effects, of being a mobile phone owner.

Whether you have a phone case or not, cracked screens can and do happen a lot. Even the most durable, “crack-resistant” screens can be damaged if dropped hard enough, or at the right angle, or with the right amount of pressure.

Many people are tempted to remedy their cracked screens by purchasing a do-it-yourself kit; this is not advised, however. Truly fixing and restoring a cracked screen requires knowledge of the device, precision, attention to detail, and of course the right materials and tools.

When it comes to cracked screens, our Hagerstown phone repair experts are No. 1 for a reason. Bring your phone by one of our two locations to see why.

Charging Port

The charging port can cause a lot of headaches, especially when your phone is dead and refuses to be brought back to life by a faulty plug or port.

This is another one of the most common issues we see at our Hagerstown phone repair shop. Whether it’s an Android or Apple device, charging ports can be damaged through vigorous use or general wear and tear.

If your phone’s charging port doesn’t seem to be working, such as if the cord keeps falling out or the device just isn’t charging properly, there’s a good chance that it could use a bit of TLC.

Our Hagerstown phone repair team has the know-how and the experience needed to fix charging ports on all types of devices, whether it’s a phone or a tablet, so that you can get the juice your device needs to last throughout the day.

Water Damage

This one is frustrating as well. If you dropped your phone in water — whether it’s the sink, the bathtub, the pool, or the dreaded toilet — chances are you replayed the scene 1,000 times in your mind.

You demand of yourself, “What could I have done differently to avoid this tragedy?” But the fact that you now have a waterlogged phone doesn’t change.

This issue also spurs on a host of do-it-yourself remedies, some of which can work but most of which do not. Instead of grabbing a blow dryer or desperately pushing buttons in hopes that it will magically work, here are some steps you should take immediately after your phone becomes water damaged:

  • Take out the SIM card and battery, if possible, and set them out to try
  • Wait 24 hours before trying to turn it back on
  • Bring it in to Jay Reece Prepaid for the best, fastest, and most reliable phone repair in Hagerstown

Camera Repair

Tired of taking grainy, scratchy, or just poor quality photos with your smartphone? Then you just might be able to benefit from camera repair.

Because of its vulnerable positioning on the back of the phone, the camera is susceptible to fingerprints, scratches, and even cracks.

The phone repair technicians at Jay Reece Prepaid have the ability to diagnose and repair all types of camera-related issues so that you can go back to Instagramming with the best of them.

Broken Buttons

If your home, power, or other buttons don’t seem to be working, that can be a big time headache. It could be problem with the operating system, or it could be an issue where something inside of the phone is blocking the button from working.

Whatever the case may be, what you don’t want to do is try and take your phone apart and fix it yourself. This can lead to many more issues.

Instead, trust the professionals who have a comprehensive knowledge base of all types of devices and their inner workings. Our Hagerstown phone repair experts are well-versed in button repairs for Samsung devices, Apple iPhones, and a whole lot more.

System Diagnostics

Does your phone just seem glitchy? Then it probably is. Operating systems are intricate and can be touchy at times.

If your system hasn’t been updated in a while, or even if it has, it can be prone to a crashed or glitchy system. When you bring your device into Jay Reece Prepaid, our certified technicians can diagnose the problem, whether it’s a simple malfunction or a highly powerful virus, and we’ll work toward a solution that allows you to keep all of your settings and files in-tact.

Fast Phone Repair

Jay Reece Prepaid, a Boost Mobile authorized dealer, employs the best phone repair technicians in Hagerstown. Our team provides fast, reliable, and efficient phone repairs for all devices — saving you valuable time and money in the long run.

Stop waiting in line for hours. Just bring your phone into Jay Reece and have it fixed up in a jiffy. Visit one of our two Hagerstown phone repair shops or call us to get a quote today.