Getting a new phone is one of the most exciting parts about modern life.

The anticipation of picking the one you want, the process of learning all of the new features, and taking the first picture with that brand, spanking new camera for the first time is like opening all of your Christmas presents as a child all over again.

But part of getting a new cell phone is knowing how to properly care for it. Being a responsible phone owner can help you avoid spending money and time on constant phone repairs.

In this blog, we will help you out by providing a few new phone maintenance tips to help ensure the quality and longevity of your shiny new toy for as long as possible.

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Do Your Diligence

Before you pull the trigger on the latest, hottest phone out on the market, it’s important that you first do some research to decide if it’s actually the best device for your needs.

How you are going to be using your phone — whether it’s primarily for social media, photography, business, or for its core functions like text and calling — should play a huge factor in your decision.

You certainly don’t want to pay for unnecessary features that you’ll never use, nor do want to have a phone that you end up needing to repair all the time because you think it’s cheap and therefore neglect care.

Get Protected

Once you’ve picked out the right phone with all of the requisite features, it’s time to get your cell phone protected.

Find a durable case that has both the function and feel that is conducive to your lifestyle. Make sure that you also have a screen protector to keep your front glass from being scratched, chipped, or otherwise damaged.

You’d be surprised at how much time, money, and hassle a reliable phone case and/or screen protector can save you.

Don’t Burn It Out

It’s a fairly common myth that keeping your phone charged overnight will actually damage the battery. In fact, the real damage to the battery gets done when your phone is completely drained and hits zero percent.

With that being said, you should be mindful of your phone’s battery and performance levels at all times. Make sure that you don’t drain your phone’s battery completely whenever possible, and do your best to keep your phone’s level between 40 and 80 percent at all times.

Trust A Professional

Despite the fact that you may be taking excellent care of your new phone, the simple fact of the matter is that accidents happen.

Sometimes even the best caretakers can see their phones come in contact with water, suffer a broken, or have issues with the battery life.

If and when these problems occur, don’t do your phone a disservice and try the common do-it-yourself phone repair methods.

Instead, get some help from the professionals. At Jay Reece Prepaid, our certified technicians are your best option for speedy, affordable, and honest phone repair in Hagerstown.

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