Cell phones are everywhere.

One is probably in your hand right now. Heck, you might even be reading this blog on your cell phone screen.

You have one. Your mom has one. Your dad has one. Your kids might even have one.

There is an entire generation of youth who don’t even know what a landline, a home phone, or an answering machine even look like. Most households have an average of three smartphones.

You might think that smartphones are taking over the world, but that might be a bit dramatic. However, there are some pretty surprising statistics about cell phone use in America that you might not know.

For example, a 2017 Pew Research Center study noted that 95 percent of adults own a cell phone of some type, while 77 percent of U.S. adults said that they owned a smartphone — more than twice the amount (35 percent) who said they owned one just six years prior.

So there is a case to be made that cell phones are rapidly becoming an integral part of everyday life.

With all those cell phones out and about, the probability is high that a few of them are going to break at some point or another. Maybe you dropped it in water. Maybe the screen that you’re reading this blog on is cracked.

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That’s how many text messages are sent and received throughout the United States. Not in a year, not in a month — Every. Single. Day.

According to Pew Research, about 80 percent of adults use their phones to text, which is now the second most used feature for smartphones (behind taking a picture).

In fact 97 percent of smartphone owners say they used their phone for text messaging at some point during the week — which is slightly more who said they used their phone for a voice call (92 percent).

That’s a whole lot of texting!

Can’t Live Without It

Pew’s studies also showed that 46 percent of smartphone owners said that their phone was something that they could not live without.

That’s largely because the smartphone has evolved to become an essential source of information for many. Here is what many smartphone owners say they use their cell phones for the most:

  • Getting info about a health condition
  • Online banking
  • Searching for real estate listings
  • Searching for job listings
  • Getting educational content
  • Looking up government services or info
  • Browsing social media
  • Playing games
  • Listening to music, podcasts, or audio books
  • Email
  • Watching videos
  • And more

25 Percent

What does this figure represent? That’s the amount of iPhone owners who say they have cracked their screen at one point or another.

You know what that means, don’t you? A reliable cell phone repair service is just as important as a reliable cell phone!

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