Welcome to Jay Reece Prepaid in Williamsport! Our Williamsport location is located near Potomac Park and the Potomac River — right among the hustle and bustle of the town. Our easily accessible location makes it easier than ever for you to upgrade your prepaid mobile plan or repair your cracked cell phone screen, damaged tablet, or faulty game console. Going to the post office? Cashing your check at the bank? Stop by Jay Reece Prepaid while you’re at it.

At Jay Reece Prepaid Williamsport, you will be greeted by a friendly and caring team who is passionate about developing strong, long-term relationships with the community and working with locals to determine the best mobile plan for their individual or family needs — and repairing their devices when things go wrong — because dropping your phone or spilling your coffee on your tablet is inevitable. Here are the services we offer at our Williamsport location:

Prepaid Mobile Plans

Are you looking to save money on your cellular service? Consider getting a prepaid mobile plan! At Jay Reece Prepaid Williamsport, we offer a variety of prepaid mobile plans to best meet your cell phone service needs and budget. Whether you are looking for yourself and need a basic 3GB or unlimited plan or you are looking for a prepaid cell phone service plan for your whole family, we will work with you to find the ultimate solution. Explore the prepaid mobile plans we offer.

No-Contract Cell Phones

Are you tired of being locked down with a cell phone carrier? Avoid multi-year contracts and purchase a no-contract cell phone with Jay Reece Prepaid. We proudly offer the latest iPhone and Android cell phones so you can enjoy the most up-to-date technology and features without having to worry about hidden fees or additional charges. Browse eligible phones today.

Cell Phone Repair & More

Nothing ruins your day more than accidentally dropping your phone and picking it up to discover the whole front screen is cracked, frantically trying to submit a task before a deadline and knocking over your coffee — right on top of your tablet, or getting online to play Call Of Duty only to discover your game console isn’t working. The good news is that Jay Reece Prepaid can help! When your device isn’t working, our team of certified technicians will happily work with you to get your device back up and running — just like new. Check out the repair services we offer today or fill out this form to get a FREE repair quote.

Getting a more affordable cell phone plan and fixing your most-used devices has never been easier than it is with Jay Reece Prepaid in Williamsport. When you do business with us, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands. Our knowledgeable, transparent, and friendly staff will provide you with the utmost customer service and respect and will ensure your needs get met before you walk out the door. If you are looking for the best prepaid phone deals and/or cell phone repair store in Williamsport, look no further than Jay Reece Prepaid. We have you covered!